Club History  

The Evolution of 64 Years...

The first meeting was called together and held on October 20 th,  1954 and held in the Methodist Church Hall, Taree.  Twenty (20)  interested persons were in attendance.  After a discussion the name Central North Coast Sporting Car Club was decided upon.

The first election of office bearers was held with the result being:

E A Handley - President
R L West - Vice President
W M Wright - Secretary
A D Jury - Captain
D West - Vice Captain
T Vile - Treasurer
G Campbell - Publicity Officer

Subscription for Membership of the Club was set at One Pound One Shilling.

9/2/55 Meeting at Royal Hotel
Constitution was being formed.
Point score for competition was set to commence 26/2/55.

3/8/55 Meeting Wests Garage

Annual Membership for Ladies be opened.
A letter written to Department of Interior requesting permission to use Nabiac Aerodrome.

7/9/55 Meeting at Royal Hotel

Department of Interior replied that the Nabiac Aerodrome was being offered to the State for sale.
It was resolved that a letter of inquiry regarding sale be written.
Club colours were decided. Light Grey and Scarlet.

1956 saw contact with other clubs such as Kempsey, Armidale and Hastings.

Members were informed in December that action had been taken toward acquisition of Nabiac Aerodrome.

31/1/1957   The clubs offer Aerodrome of One Hundred and Fifty Pounds was rejected but a counter offer of Two Hundred and Eighty Pounds was accepted for 640 acres.  At this stage the Club could not affiliate with CAMS as there were not enough members.

4/8/58 The Final Payment was made on Nabiac with the official opening set down for 15 th   September 1958.

1959  saw the change of Law and that a Licence had to be obtained to hold a Gymkhana.   Nabiac Police were consulted. Hastings Club were invited to join our Club as they were having difficulties but the offer was declined.

4/3/67 Taree Clubhouse was officially opened.

Entry fees for Rallies in 1967 were $1.50 with $50.00 for 1st,   $30.00 for 2nd   and $20.00 for 3rd   as prizes.

1970 saw the commencement of Autocross with practice being held in May and the Layout out of the circuit being looked at.

1970 Police informed that they were receiving complaints about Noise, lights and speed. If it keeps up their will be no more Rallies.

1972 The clubs finances consisted of $427.00 in the bank and $163.83 in a special purpose account.  The club purchased a grader for $100.00 and a tractor for $25.00.  Entry fees for Autocross and sprits were $5.00 and $2.50 ladies with a Motorkhana being $2.00.

1973 Student driver training commenced for Taree High Students and was held at Nabiac with C Legge, R Currie, P & J Donkin and M Cherry. Skid prevention was conducted by W Slater and M Cherry.
A contract with Mineral Deposits was discussed in regard to mining on our grounds at Nabiac.
Autocross circuit was approved and the 'toilets' modified.

1978 Talks with Wingham Council regarding them wanting us to move the Clubhouse to Wingham Sporting Complex.

Rally Permits were $30.00

1980 Mineral Deposits informed us that they were uncovering many Death Adders at Nabiac. Nabiac Hospital has antivenin on hand.  Our bank balance $710.00 plus $37,299.98 in investments and special purpose accounts.  Wingham Council were told we declined to move Clubhouse.

1981 Talks with Lands Department on purpose of land of which Clubhouse is currently situated.

1984 The first Off Road Short Course Event was held Directed by Gary Masters and Max French.

1989 An Off Road Track was surveyed for consideration.

1993 A name change was discussed and put to a vote but was decided against.

1995 1 st Real Off Road Short Course Event was held at Nabiac in November.  The club purchased its water truck at the cost of $500.00.

1996 A container was purchased for equipment storage for $800.00.

1997 A Portable Toilet block was purchased and used once before it unfortunately blew away in a mini cyclone that ripped through Nabiac and surrounding areas. All that was salvaged was a shower rose, mop and extension cord. Another Portable building was purchased for $500.00 to replace it but was decided to utilise it as the current Event Secretaries Office.

1999 A water bore was put down and also a tip truck and a backhoe were purchased.  Another 3 piece demountable building was obtained for $500.00 with the view to make it into a clubhouse at Nabiac.

2000 The portable building was moved onto its foundation after a DA Application from Great Lakes Council was approved. It now houses a septic toilet, cold shower, kitchen and meeting rooms.  A water pump for the dam along with a motor to run it was installed to fill the water truck. Another purchase was a tractor and slasher for $1,500.00 to maintain the grounds. Electronic Timing at a cost of $3750.00 was acquired.

2001 A computer became an every day part of events at Nabiac with the purchase of one for $250.00 along with the donation of a printer.  A 12ft catch/safety fence was erected in front of spectator area for $2,750.00 to be able to keep Autocross Track Licence.  A roller and grader were bought for a combined amount of $9,500.00.  Autocross entries reached 70 with forcing the running of 2 cars on the track at the same time after approval was given by CAMS and The Department of Sport & Recreation.

2002 Taree Clubhouse was sold and everything was moved to Nabiac.  Radios were purchased rather then hiring them for events.  Mid Coast Water approached the club wanting to purchase a small portion of unused land for their water treatment plant. This is still in the process of happening.

June Long Weekend was our first 3 Days of Motorsport Club Only Event, Saturday Motorkhana, Sunday Khanacross and Monday Rally Sprint with the Wells Family donating the Champion Trophy.  A station wagon to act as our 'Ambulance' was purchased for $50.00.  The tank stand and tank were erected and the machinery compound was completed.  A Diahatsu Ute was donated which has proved to be a handy asset.

2003 The front fence was constructed along with 12ft mesh entrance gates.

2004 A New Entrance, Pit area and Disclaimer signs were erected and a garden put around the entrance sign.

2005 Mid Coast Water purchased 35 acres of our property for $65,000.00.

2006 The machinery shed was built to house the grader etc at a cost of $25,000.00.

2007 Plans were put in motion for the construction of our new clubhouse. Track upgrades continued.

2008 February saw the DA with Great Lakes Council approval for the new clubhouse.

11KVA Gentech Generator was purchased  for $3,575.00.

Security Camera was purchased.

Clubhouse kit was ordered for $55,000.00.

2012 September saw the Licence of our S1 Rallysprint granted and our  first S1 Rallysprint was held in October with a field of 33.

A ride on lawnmower was purchased for $2,300.00.

Gravel was laid on section of existing tracks to raise some areas with water problems.

We currently boast an annual membership of 150-200.

We are very proud to be celebrating our 60th year in motorsport and the club looks forward to many years of a growing membership base and improvements to the Club's assets and grounds. 



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